Expert Yardi accounting built for scaling property managers.

When you manage hundreds of units or millions of commercial square feet, handling the Yardi bookkeeping is time-consuming, expensive, and it’s easy to make costly mistakes.

That’s where REA comes in. As experts in everything Yardi, you get accurate financials, every month, at a savings of over 30% vs hiring in-house.

Let REA handle your bookkeeping in Yardi so you can rest easy with audit-ready finances, on-time every month. We work with Yardi Voyager, Genesis, and Breeze.

Why Real Estate Businesses Work With REA

Yardi Bookkeeping & Accounting

Yardi Professionals

If Yardi feels confusing or time-consuming, you’re not alone. But our accountants have been using Yardi for years! With our expertise, you get error-free books and reports—plus peace of mind.

Get Help Fast From Our Experts

With REA, you get account leads and resources dedicated to one goal: solving your Yardi bookkeeping & accounting problems. Fast.

Immaculate Financials

Sick of making the same (and new) mistakes in your books? Let us handle it. Feel confident that your business finances are in order while we deliver accurate, easy-to-read reports and keep your money organized.


How does Yardi bookkeeping with REA work?

You give us secure access to your Yardi account.

We know you’re busy. So all you have to do is give us accounting access, and we’ll get to work reviewing your books as well as finding and fixing any problems.

We start monthly bookkeeping.

Your bookkeeping hassles are over. From now on, we’ll reconcile your bank accounts, categorize transactions as they come in, and maintain a finance calendar tailored to your business.

Monthly distributions and reports.

No extra work on your end. You’ll find our insightful reports in your inbox and distributions in your personal bank account each month.

Yardi Services Offered

Yardi Voyager, Genesis, or Breeze
Catch-up Bookkeeping
Bank Reconciliations
Accounts Payable & Receivable
Accurate NOI, Balance Sheets
Owner Draws & Management Fees
Monthly Statements & Reports
Recording HUD’s & Accruals
Corporate Accounting
REA is exactly the company and service we were looking for in our accountant. Real estate experts, ability to use our current technology stack, and honest, straight-forward pricing.