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Outsourced Yardi Accounting Built For Property Managers

At REA, we are experts in Yardi accounting, providing unmatched support to property investors managers looking to scale. Our mission is to boost your profit margins and make your operations more efficient.

Tailored for large, complex property investors and managers, REA ensures the delivery of accurate, timely financial statements, enabling you to save up to 50% vs hiring an in-house accounting staff.

Want to manage more properties without the extra headache of monthly accounting? Let REA handle the numbers so you can focus on growing your business. We work with Yardi Voyager and Yardi Breeze.


Why Top Real Estate Professionals Choose REA

Yardi Expertise

REA’s team of experienced accountants have been using Yardi for years. With our expertise, you get error-free financials without the headache of having to hire in-house.

Assigned Resources

With REA, you have an assigned team of bookkeepers and controllers who are dedicated to one goal: solving your Yardi bookkeeping & accounting problems. Fast.

Accurate Financials

Each month, your dedicated REA team ensures transactions are categorized and bank accounts are flawlessly reconciled, offering you the reports and insights needed for informed decision-making.

Yardi Bookkeeping from REA

Trust Bookkeping

Leverage Yardi’s powerful bookkeeping capabilities with REA’s tailored service. Our expertise in using this cutting-edge software allows for methodical and precise data management, ensuring the preservation of your financial integrity. Depend on REA for accurate, streamlined financial reporting that supports your business’s strategic development and growth.
Yardi Bookkeeping & Accounting
Yardi Bookkeeping & Accounting

Corporate Bookkeping

REA’s skilled team, in combination with Yardi’s comprehensive toolset, addresses the complexity of your corporate financial activities, empowering you to dedicate more time to core business strategies and expansion efforts.

Daily Bank Reconciliations

Employing Yardi’s state-of-the-art system, REA offers daily bank reconciliation services that brings meticulous accuracy to your finances. Stay informed with real-time financial insights that bolster your decision-making processes and eliminate the hassles of manual error checks.
Yardi Bookkeeping & Accounting
Yardi Bookkeeping & Accounting

Financial Diagnostic Cleanup

REA utilizes Yardi’s advanced diagnostic tools to swiftly and effectively troubleshoot financial anomalies. We delve into your financials to detect and amend discrepancies, ensuring a pristine financial landscape that instills confidence in your stakeholders.

Trust Compliance Audit

REA pairs its auditing prowess with Yardi’s detailed reporting to deliver comprehensive Trust Compliance Verification services. By confirming that all facets of your trust operations align with regulatory standards, REA provides peace of mind and safeguards your business from compliance risks.
Yardi Bookkeeping & Accounting

How REA's
Yardi Accounting Process Works

Yardi Bookkeeping & Accounting

Step 1: Provide access to your Yardi instance.

After accounting access is provided, we’ll get to work reviewing your financials to understand the scale of your business.

From there, we will provide a comprehensive breakdown of our accounting services and associated monthly costs.

Yardi Bookkeeping & Accounting
Yardi Bookkeeping & Accounting

Step 2: We begin onboarding.

Once the contract is executed, we will begin our thorough onboarding process immediately. Our onboarding team will dig into the accuracy of your financials, detail and improve operational processes, and complete any catch-up bookkeeping needed.

From contract execution to REA making an impact is ~2 weeks.

Yardi Bookkeeping & Accounting
Yardi Bookkeeping & Accounting

Step 3: We complete monthly bookkeeping

Once your books are 100% accurate, your dedicated team will complete the monthly bookkeeping based upon our agreed upon scope of work.

We act as an extension of your team ensuring your financials are done on-time and accurately every single month.

Yardi Property Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

REA is exactly the company and service we were looking for in our accountant. Real estate experts, ability to use our current technology stack, and honest, straight-forward pricing.
Yardi Bookkeeping & Accounting


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Yardi Bookkeeping & Accounting
Yardi Bookkeeping & Accounting