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Discover the REA advantage: impeccably tailored RealPage financials at a significantly reduced cost.
Collaborate with REA and experience immaculate RealPage financials each month, achieving over 30% savings compared to in-house alternatives. Our dedicated RealPage accounting experts alleviate the stress of managing your real estate financials, empowering you to concentrate on expanding your business with confidence.
Rely on our experienced RealPage accountants to skillfully manage your bookkeeping requirements and elevate your property management company to unparalleled success.


Why Top Real Estate Professionals Choose REA

We are RealPage experts

Our adept real estate accountants and bookkeepers boast an in-depth understanding of RealPage. We’ll not only ensure the accuracy of your financials but also unlock the full potential of RealPage for your business.

Prompt Responses to Your Concerns

We recognize that urgent matters can arise without warning. That’s why your assigned REA team is always at your service via email, phone, video, or Slack, offering prompt support and peace of mind.

Reliable, Monthly Bookkeeping

Bid farewell to laborious RealPage bookkeeping and overlooked errors. With REA, you can anticipate accurate, timely reports each month, enabling you to concentrate on what’s truly important—growing your business.

RealPage Bookkeeping from REA

Trust Bookkeping

RealPage’s suite offers a robust solution for trust bookkeeping, ensuring meticulous tracking and administration of trust funds. It supports a stringent separation of company and client finances, which is essential for upholding legal compliance and guaranteeing transparency for all stakeholders.
RealPage Bookkeeping & Accounting
RealPage Bookkeeping & Accounting

Corporate Bookkeping

RealPage’s system enhances corporate bookkeeping by providing a seamless interface for managing corporate accounts. With its advanced reporting and analytics tools, corporate financial activities are streamlined, promoting accurate and efficient corporate finance management that is consistent with strategic business goals.

Daily Bank Reconciliations

The automated features within RealPage facilitate daily bank reconciliations, tracking every transaction with precision. This systematic approach to reconciling accounts daily plays a vital role in the accuracy and reliability of financial data, allowing for immediate correction of any inconsistencies.
RealPage Bookkeeping & Accounting
RealPage Bookkeeping & Accounting

Financial Diagnostic Cleanup

In cases where financial records fall into disarray, RealPage comes to the rescue with tools for a thorough financial diagnostic cleanup. The platform’s powerful diagnostics scrutinize the financial books, correcting errors, and streamlining data to ensure that accounting systems function optimally.

Trust Compliance Audit

RealPage empowers organizations to perform in-depth trust compliance audits with ease. It emphasizes rigorous examination of trust accounts, fostering heightened accountability and ensuring that every transaction complies with relevant trust laws, thus instilling property owners with confidence in the integrity of their asset management.
RealPage Bookkeeping & Accounting

How REA'sRealPage Process Works

RealPage Bookkeeping & Accounting

Understanding Your Business Inside-Out

We appreciate your time and aim to optimize its use. As soon as you provide us with account access, we’ll swiftly assess your books and kick off the onboarding procedure.

Following that, we’ll tackle any account discrepancies, conduct any required catch-up bookkeeping, and scrutinize tenant/owner statements to guarantee the highest level of precision in your records.

RealPage Bookkeeping & Accounting
RealPage Bookkeeping & Accounting

Streamlined Monthly Bookkeeping, Tailored for You

Once we’ve verified the accuracy and up-to-date status of your RealPage account, our monthly RealPage bookkeeping services take over. From bank reconciliations to accounts payable and reporting, we act as your committed accounting team.​

RealPage Bookkeeping & Accounting
RealPage Bookkeeping & Accounting

In-Depth Monthly Financial Reports and Summaries

Our on-time monthly reports offer a clear insight into your business’s financial health while adhering to all local and national real estate regulations.

Need help with distributions? We’ll proficiently handle your owner & GP/LP distributions, along with any required draws.

RealPage Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

REA is exactly the company and service we were looking for in our accountant. Real estate experts, ability to use our current technology stack, and honest, straight-forward pricing.
RealPage Bookkeeping & Accounting


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