Real Estate Syndication Accounting & Reporting

As specialists in real estate accounting, we are experts in helping real estate syndicators navigate the accounting and reporting that your LPs will require. Whether you are syndicating single family home purchases or +300 unit commercial buildings, our personalized services provide you with automated, audit-ready financials statements on a monthly basis.
Let us handle the accounting, you focus on acquisitions and fundraising.

How Our Real Estate Syndication Services Works

Real Estate Syndication Accounting & Bookkeeping

We review your current set-up

Upon receiving secure access to your accounting software (e.g. Quickbooks Online, etc.), we will do thorough review to understand the quality of your historical records and general ledger (GL) account set up. We’ll create intuitive and industry accepted GL accounts, as well as complete any necessary catch-up bookkeeping (as needed).
Real Estate Syndication Accounting & Bookkeeping

We set you up for daily success

From an accounting perspective, it’s critical that real estate syndicators track profitability by project. As your business grows, it’s critical your accounting software and back-office is set up to scale with you, and this is exactly what we do. We review every transaction and assign each to the correct project/property. Furthermore, all bank accounts and mortgage loans will be reconciled on a monthly basis.
Real Estate Syndication Accounting & Bookkeeping

We assist with monthly reporting

To keep LPs happy and in the know, the most successful syndicators consistently send out financial reporting on a monthly basis. We will work with you to create scalable reporting templates and ensure they are sent out on a timely basis.

Real Estate Syndication Services Offered

Why Top Real Estate Syndicators
Choose REA

Clean and crisp income statements and balance sheets by property allowing for seamless financial reporting and communications with LPs.
Prompt communication, proactive advice, and audit-ready financial statements. We are your partner here to help you scale.
Save time, money, and resources having an outsourced accounting team that is an expert in real estate accounting for investors & syndicators.
After spending hours every month completing my accounting and investor reporting, outsourcing my essential business functions to REA was the best decision I’ve ever made. My financials are now accurate and my LP’s appreciate the monthly updates!
Real Estate Syndication Accounting & Bookkeeping

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