You own the real estate. Let REA handle the accounting.

Having accurate, on-time financials every month is essential to scaling your real estate business.

With 70% of our clients being owner operators and 95k+ units under management, we are experts in accounting for large real estate investors.

At REA, we pair you with a world-class accountant who’s specially trained in your type of real estate business. Let us streamline your financial operations so you can work smarter and grow faster.

Why Owner Operators Love REA

Purchase your 500th unit without stressing over bookkeeping.

Don’t let the fear of juggling mounds of paperwork keep you from reaching your millionaire dreams. Let our world-class accountants handle the bookkeeping.

Spend less on accounting, invest in more units.

Say goodbye to hefty accounting fees. With our flexible pricing, you only pay for what your business needs. The rest can go to your next investment!

Hire experts who know your accounting software.

You’re in business because you’re an expert at real estate investing—not accounting tech. That’s where we shine. Let our accountants streamline your bookkeeping and save you time.

How It Works

Owner Operator Bookkeeping
Owner Operator Bookkeeping

We review your account.

Once we have access to your accounting software, your account lead will get a thorough understanding of your business’ financials and any problems.

Next, we focus on any catch-up bookkeeping and auditing any tenant-owner statements for accuracy.

appfolio accounting
Owner Operator Bookkeeping

We complete your monthly bookkeeping

Once your financials are accurate for your business, we start our monthly property management bookkeeping and reconciliation work on the current transactions.

We will create a finance calendar specific to your business, streamline accounts payable processes, categorize each transaction, and make sure every bank account is reconciled each month.

appfolio bookkeeping
Owner Operator Bookkeeping

We send distributions and reports

Audit ready financials statements and monthly reporting lets you easily stay on top of your company financials and ensures all Trust account laws are strictly followed.

If you need help with distributions, we can prepare owner and management distributions on a monthly basis. Never leave your LP’s or owners in the dark again.

Owner Operator Bookkeeping Services

REA is exactly the company and service we were looking for in our accountant. Real estate experts, ability to use our current technology stack, and honest, straight-forward pricing.
Owner Operator Bookkeeping


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