Get Real Estate Development Accounting Solutions With REA

As experts in real estate accounting, REA helps provide real estate developers with world-class monthly bookkeeping services.

Whether you are developing 1,000 residential units or 5 million commercial square feet, our real estate development accounting services provide you with accurate, audit-ready financial statements on a monthly basis.

Why Top Real Estate Developers Choose REA

Experts in Accounting For Real Estate Developers

Our team of CPA’s & accountants have years of real estate development accounting experience. Focus on developing more properties, we’ll handle the monthly accounting.

Dedicated resources

Prompt communication, proactive advice, audit-ready financial statements. We are your accounting partner here to help you scale.

Accurate financials

Accurately categorized transactions and reconciled bank accounts every single month. We are here to help accurately complete your real estate development financials.

Real Estate Developer Bookkeeping from REA

Real Estate Developer Bookkeeping & Accounting

Trust Bookkeeping

Leverage your software's powerful bookkeeping capabilities with REA’s tailored service.

Real Estate Developer Bookkeeping & Accounting

Corporate Bookkeeping

REA’s skilled team, in combination with your software's comprehensive toolset, addresses the complexity of your corporate financial activities.

Real Estate Developer Bookkeeping & Accounting

Bank Reconciliations

Employing your software's state-of-the-art system, REA offers bank reconciliation services that brings meticulous accuracy to your finances.

Real Estate Developer Bookkeeping & Accounting

Financial Diagnostic Cleanup

REA utilizes your software's advanced diagnostic tools to swiftly and effectively troubleshoot financial anomalies.

Real Estate Developer Bookkeeping & Accounting

Trust Compliance

REA pairs its accounting prowess with your software's detailed reporting to deliver comprehensive Trust Compliance Verification services.

How Our Real Estate Development Bookkeeping Services Work

Real Estate Developer Bookkeeping & Accounting
Real Estate Developer Bookkeeping & Accounting

We review your property financials

Upon receiving Accountant access to your accounting software, we will begin by getting a complete understanding of your business and what the current issues are.

We’ll make sure the account is setup correctly, complete any necessary catch-up bookkeeping, and audit tenant/owner statements to ensure accuracy.

appfolio accounting
Real Estate Developer Bookkeeping & Accounting

We complete your monthly bookkeeping

Once your financials are accurate for your business, we start our monthly property management bookkeeping and reconciliation work on the current transactions.

We will create a finance calendar specific to your business, streamline accounts payable processes, categorize each transaction, and make sure every bank account is reconciled each month.

appfolio bookkeeping
Real Estate Developer Bookkeeping & Accounting

We send distributions and reports

Audit ready financials statements and monthly reporting lets you easily stay on top of your company financials and ensures all Trust account laws are strictly followed.

If you need help with distributions, we can prepare owner and management distributions on a monthly basis. Never leave your LP’s or owners in the dark again.

Real Estate Development Bookkeeping Services

REA is exactly the company and service we were looking for in our accountant. Real estate experts, ability to use our current technology stack, and honest, straight-forward pricing.
Real Estate Developer Bookkeeping & Accounting


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Frequently Asked

Real Estate Developer Bookkeeping & Accounting
We assist with preparing owner and management distributions every month, ensuring that limited partners (LPs) and owners are never left in the dark regarding financial distributions. We also ensure that all financial dealings are transparent and easily accessible to all stakeholders, enhancing trust and satisfaction among your investors.
REA specializes in accounting for a wide range of real estate development projects, from large-scale residential developments involving 1,000 units to extensive commercial projects spanning up to 5 million square feet. Our expertise is tailored to handle the complexities of both residential and commercial real estate developments.
Yes, REA seamlessly integrates with popular real estate accounting software systems like AppFolio, Yardi, and Buildium. Our team is proficient in utilizing these platforms to enhance your bookkeeping processes, ensuring that your financial operations are efficient and tailored to the specific needs of your development projects.
Our monthly bookkeeping services include comprehensive management of your property’s financials. This includes setting up and maintaining a finance calendar, streamlining accounts payable processes, categorizing transactions, and ensuring all bank accounts are reconciled. We also provide monthly owner statements, accurate recording of NOI, balance sheets, and handle accruals and owner draws.
Outsourcing your accounting needs to REA can lead to significant cost reductions by eliminating the need for in-house accounting staff, which includes savings on salaries, benefits, training, and related overhead costs. Additionally, our efficient processes and use of technology reduce the time and effort required to manage your accounts, allowing you to allocate resources more effectively and focus on your core development activities.