Fractional CFO services
built for real estate

Accelerate your growth with expert CFO support–from accurate budgets to real estate-specific financial strategies. Count on REA’s real estate CFO services to help make the right choices for your company.

Why Top Real Estate Professionals Choose REA

Experts in real estate

Build financial strategies and models that increase cash flow, improve profitability, and provide insights into your properties financial performance.

Dedicated resources

Prompt communication, proactive advice, audit-ready financial statements. We are your partner here to help you scale.

Accurate financials

Establish the financial control and processes that are ready for growth and impress your LPs with accurate, timely insights on their investments.


Budget to Actual

Understand when and why income and expense rise and fall relative to budget and/or your proforma. We provide timely analysis backed by real estate experts that help you communicate effectively with your stakeholders.

Cash Flow and Investor Distributions

Though often overlooked, there are many items (CAPEX, interest, payables, receivables, minimum working capital, and reserves) that impact cash that is not reflected in NOI but should be considered when determining distribution amounts. Consult with our team to make the most informed decisions possible.

Reporting and Valuation

See and trust where your portfolio is headed with customized financial reports based on the KPIs that matter to you and your business. Our real estate experts will help you understand the business trends, costs that should be expensed vs capitalization, and ultimately help ensure NOI is stated properly for banks and future buyers.

Leveraging REA’s CFO services, I was quickly able to identify areas that could be improved to help increase profit immediately. I couldn’t be happier with REA!