Buildium Bookkeeping & Accounting For Property Managers & Investors

Outsourced Buildium Bookkeeping For Property Managers

At REA, we specialize in Buildium accounting, offering unparalleled support to expanding property managers overseeing 200+ doors. Our mission is to enhance your profit margins and streamline your operations.

Our Buildium bookkeeping solutions cover everything from bank reconciliations to accounts payable and reporting. Designed for the scaling property investor and manager, we deliver on-time, accurate financials at a savings of up to 50% compared to the cost of internal staffing.

Want to manage more properties without the extra headache of monthly accounting? Let REA handle the numbers so you can focus on growing your business.


Why Top Real Estate Professionals Choose REA

Experts in Buildium

Our team of seasoned accountants possesses extensive experience in Buildium bookkeeping. Allow the specialists at REA to navigate the complexities of the accounting software, freeing you to concentrate on expanding your portfolio.

Dedicated Team

Our commitment to you includes timely responses, forward-thinking guidance, and accurate financial statements ready for any audit. By choosing REA, you gain not just a service provider, but an integral extension of your accounting department.

Accurate financials

Every month we deliver meticulously categorized transactions and flawlessly reconciled bank statements. Trust in REA to ensure the accuracy and completeness of your Buildium financials, empowering you to make informed decisions with confidence.

Buildium Bookkeeping from REA

Trust Bookkeping

REA harnesses the power of Buildium to offer meticulous Trust Bookkeeping services, ensuring that all your escrow accounts are managed with high precision and regulatory compliance. Through Buildium, we can accurately track all trust funds, providing a dependable financial foundation for property management.
Buildium Bookkeeping & Accounting
Buildium Bookkeeping & Accounting

Corporate Bookkeping

With Buildium’s robust capabilities, REA elevates Corporate Bookkeeping to new levels of efficiency and accuracy. Our systematized approach streamlines financial processes, from expense tracking to generating comprehensive financial reports, ultimately establishing a solid financial bedrock for your corporate operations.

Daily Bank Reconciliations

REA recognizes the importance of real-time financial oversight. Therefore, we execute Daily Bank Reconciliations through Buildium, comparing your internal financial records against bank statements to ensure consistency and correctness, thus preventing financial discrepancies and fostering monetary integrity.
Buildium Bookkeeping & Accounting
Buildium Bookkeeping & Accounting

Financial Diagnostic Cleanup

Should discrepancies arise, REA’s Financial Diagnostic Cleanup service utilizes Buildium to conduct thorough examinations and corrections of your financial records. Our expert analysis identifies irregularities, rectifies errors, and purges outdated records to bring clarity and precision back to your accounts.

Trust Compliance Audit

REA deploys Buildium’s advanced tools to conduct comprehensive Trust Compliance Audits. Our detailed evaluations are designed to verify adherence to legal and financial regulations, ensuring your property management practices meet all necessary trust-related compliance standards.
Buildium Bookkeeping & Accounting

How REA's
Monthly Accounting For Buildium Works

Buildium Bookkeeping & Accounting

Step 1: We review your Buildium instance

Upon receiving accountant access to Buildium, we will begin by getting a complete understanding of your business and what the current issues are.

We’ll make sure the account is setup correctly, complete any necessary catch-up bookkeeping, and audit tenant/owner statements to ensure accuracy.

Buildium Bookkeeping & Accounting
Buildium Bookkeeping & Accounting

Step 2: We begin monthly bookkeeping

Once Buildium is 100% accurate for your business, we start our monthly Buildium bookkeeping services.

We will create a finance calendar specific to your business, streamline accounting processes, categorize each transaction, and make sure every bank account is reconciled each month.

Buildium Bookkeeping & Accounting
Buildium Bookkeeping & Accounting

Step 3: We send financial reports

Audit ready financials statements and monthly reporting lets you easily stay on top of your company financials and ensures all Trust account laws are strictly followed.

If you need help with distributions, we can prepare owner and management distributions on a monthly basis. Never leave your owners or LP’s in the dark again.

Bookkeeping Services Offered

REA is exactly the company and service we were looking for in our accountant. Real estate experts, ability to use our current technology stack, and honest, straight-forward pricing.
Buildium Bookkeeping & Accounting


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Buildium Bookkeeping & Accounting
Buildium Bookkeeping & Accounting

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