Calculating NOI On Real Estate Investment
Calculating NOI (Net Operating Income) on a Real Estate Investment
January 12, 2023
What is Capitalization Rate in Real Estate? How do you calculate real estate cap rate?
What is Capitalization Rate (Cap Rate) and How is it Calculated in Real Estate?
January 23, 2023

Getting Real Estate Accounting Right [Part 1] With Mark Kappelman

Today’s (January 19, 2023) episode from The Real Estate Syndication Show features Mark Kappelman, co-founder of (REA). Listen to why investors and property management firms must consider outsourcing their real estate accounting operations to finance professionals who understand the complexities of both real estate and accounting behind maximizing your longterm value.

If you’re looking to get organized and stay on top of your financials, consider outsourcing your monthly real estate bookkeeping to REA today!

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