Outsourced AppFolio Accounting Built For Property Managers

Experience the REA difference: accurate, on-time AppFolio financials at a fraction of the cost.
As a certified accounting partner for the AppFolio Stack™, you can trust our seasoned property accountants to expertly handle your bookkeeping needs. Whether your business is scaling and need additional resources or you are finally ready to get the accounting off your plate, REA is here to help.

Reach out today to learn more about how REA provides accurate, on-time financials across 95k+ units every month.

Outsourced AppFolio Bookkeeping Help
Outsourced AppFolio Bookkeeping Help

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Outsourced AppFolio Bookkeeping Help


Why Top Real Estate Professionals Choose REA

We are AppFolio experts

As one of the exclusive accounting partners for the AppFolio Stack™, our experienced property accountants possess extensive expertise in AppFolio. We’ll complete your monthly bookkeeping while maximizing the potential of AppFolio software for your business.

Swift Solutions for Your Queries

We understand that urgent issues can emerge unexpectedly. That’s why your assigned REA team is always available to address your concerns through email, phone, video, or Slack, providing timely assistance and peace of mind.

Accurate, Monthly Bookkeeping

Say goodbye to time-consuming AppFolio bookkeeping and errors that may slip through the cracks. With REA, you can expect precise, punctual reports every month, allowing you to focus on what matters most—growing your business.

How REA's
Appfolio Process Works

Outsourced AppFolio Bookkeeping Help

Understanding Your Business Inside-Out

We value your time and strive to make the most of it. Once you securely grant REA access to your AppFolio account, we’ll promptly review your books and initiate the onboarding process.

Next, we’ll address any issues with your account, perform any necessary catch-up bookkeeping, and examine tenant/owner statements to ensure the utmost accuracy in your records.

Outsourced AppFolio Bookkeeping Help
Outsourced AppFolio Bookkeeping Help

Efficient Monthly Bookkeeping at Your Service

After ensuring your AppFolio account is accurate and current, we commence our monthly AppFolio bookkeeping services.

Handling everything from bank reconciliations to accounts payable and reporting, we serve as your experienced accounting team.

Outsourced AppFolio Bookkeeping Help
Outsourced AppFolio Bookkeeping Help

Monthly Financial Reports and Statements

Our detailed monthly reports provide a transparent overview of your business’s financials while ensuring compliance with all Trust account regulations.

AppFolio Property Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

REA is exactly the company and service we were looking for in our accountant. Real estate experts, ability to use our current technology stack, and honest, straight-forward pricing.
Outsourced AppFolio Bookkeeping Help


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Outsourced AppFolio Bookkeeping Help
Outsourced AppFolio Bookkeeping Help